Well then.

It appears that I now have a site. And a blog. That's wonderful! Almost as wonderful as poros! ..Okay, I might be a little bit off. But it's still pretty nice.

So now, equipped with my very own .io domain name, and an extreme thirst for angryface pun-haters, I embark on a fresh journey of having absolutely no fucking idea what I am doing. With lots and lots of Docker, as I hear that is quite popular nowadays.


Setting this stack up was relatively simple, especially for a complete web-moron such as myself. This blog runs on Ghost, an open-source blogging platform running on NodeJS. It's hosted on a DigitalOcean Ubuntu server, and runs on top of Docker containers (one per service, so one for this blog and another one with nginx for the main area, currently).

In addition to that, a main nginx server runs directly on top of the server, and it acts as the gateway to everything. It reverse-proxies requests by their subdomain to their appropriate Docker container's port:

    ------> omri.io, www.omri.io -> http://localhost:6000
    ------> blog.omri.io -> http://localhost:6001

In order to keep the docker containers volatile and non-important, their relevant data directories are volumes originating from the server's filesystem.

Keep in mind: doing this isn't enough on its own and you'll also need to create A-records in your domain's DNS settings, for every subdomain that you wish to reach your server.

Should I decide to write any real code and actually do something with this virtual space, it'll be made available in my GitHub repository that I opened for this project.


But for now, hello there! And thanks for checking me out, blogboys. I, for one, am excited and also a bit disappointed that we made it so far without any puns. It's only fun if they pun.